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To secure the Wedding Date for the Client’s wedding a non-refundable deposit of the Contract Price must be paid by the Client to the MUA on the date this Contract is signed and dated by both parties.  The Wedding Date and Makeup Start Time will only be reserved by the MUA once these contractual requirements have been completed.  The time and venue when the weddinngwill take place will be fixed by agreement between the Client and the MUA.

The remaining Contract Price must be paid by the Client to the MUA not less than 30 days prior to the Wedding Date.





In the event of the MUA being unable to perform her duties for any reason and which results in the cancellation of this Contract by the MUA, the Client shall within 7 days of the date of cancellation be refunded their deposit and the Client hereby agrees with the MUA that the Client will have no further claims against the MUA, whether in contract or in negligence or otherwise.  Should this situation arise the MUA will try to find a replacement artist if required by the Client.

Subject to the next following sentence, should the Client cancel or postpone this Contract within 90 days prior to the Wedding Date the Client will pay to the MUA within 7 days of the date of the cancellation or postponement a sum equal to 75% of the outstanding Contract Price.  Should the Client cancel or postpone this Contract within the last 7 days of the 90 day period prior to the Wedding Date the Client will (unless they have already done so in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract) pay to the MUA forthwith the full balance of the Contract Price.

Should the client postpone and book a new date with the MUA the Client will be charged a booking fee of £25.00.  This booking fee will be charged for every postponement and represents the administration and overhead costs incurred by the MUA in facilitating the new date.  Payment of the booking fee constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions of this Contract.  In order to secure the new date, the Client must pay the booking fee and return a fresh signed copy of the Contract to the MUA. 





The MUA will travel to the chosen location where any of the services set out in this Contract are to be provided, whether at the Client’s home or at a different venue.  In addition to the Contract Price the MUA will charge travelling expenses at the rate of £0.50 per mile from the MUA’s address. All such charges to include outward and return journeys are to be invoiced following the Wedding Date and payable within 30 days.

The Client will ensure there is a suitable work surface or table for the MUA to use to enable her to provide the makeup services.  The MUA will provide a makeup chair and ring light if required.

A running order of the makeup services to be provided by the MUA on the Wedding Date shall be forwarded in writing by the MUA to the Client following the makeup trial.  The Client and any other people undergoing the provision of the makeup services must ensure they are ready at the specified Makeup Start Time.






The MUA will ensure that all makeup tools and products are sanitised before use.  The MUA will not be responsible in contract or in negligence or otherwise for any allergic reactions should the MUA not be informed of a pre-existing condition or intolerance before the makeup is applied.  The MUA regards client satisfaction as paramount and will endeavour to provide makeup services of a high standard, however the MUA will not accept responsibility for inclement weather and other circumstances outside the control of the MUA that may frustrate the provision of the services set out in this Contract.

The MUA retains the exclusive rights to any photographic images the MUA may take before, during and after the makeup application both at the makeup trial and on the Wedding Date, and the Client agrees that they may be used by the MUA for the purposes of marketing and advertising.

The MUA will comply at all times with the duties imposed by the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

VAT is not attracted to any of the charges or fees referred to in this Contract.

This Contract is subject to the law of England and Wales.





The additional contractual terms set out below are in addition to the standard Contract terms.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the MUA may choose to perform some aspects of the makeup trial by telephone or video link.  

Clients must thoroughly wash or sanitise their hands before the MUA will provide the makeup services.  The application of the makeup services will likely take longer than normal due to the additional time required to complete any appropriate cleaning or sanitisation of equipment, and for the MUA to implement the wearing of appropriate PPE.

It is preferable that only the MUA and the person receiving the makeup services should be in the room.  Additional persons may be present, but only if the Government guidelines for the time being on social distancing can be met.  The MUA will refuse to apply makeup services to anybody who appears to display some or all of the symptoms of Covid-19.

The Client must notify everyone who is having the makeup services of the above provisions.

If the Wedding Date cannot take place due to a further Government Covid-19 lockdown the deposit will be transferred to a new mutually agreeable date following the easing of lockdown.  Both the Client and the MUA must act reasonably in agreeing a new date, but if no date can be agreed then the deposit is lost.  If a new date is agreed, but subsequently the Client finds the limitations in force at that time are too restrictive and wishes to postpone to a new date then the third paragraph of Cancellations and Postponements above will apply.








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