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What’s included

  • Full consultation to get to know YOU!

  • Explanation of how colour analysis works, running through each of the four colour seasons

  • Full colour analysis using seasonal colour drapes

  • Assessment of your skin tone to identify a palette of colours that will be most flattering, make you glow and enhance your overall appearance

  • Makeup application to show you the best colours to choose in foundation, blusher, eyeshadow & lipstick, along with some tips and tricks on application

  • Your personalised colour booklet. This includes: fabric swatches, smudges of your best makeup colours & full details of products used

Colour Packages


Individual Colour Consultation  -  £180  ( 2 hours)

Virtual Colour Consultation  -  £80  ( 45 minutes)

Group Colour Consultation  -  £150pp (1.5 hours pp)

Makeup lesson & Colour Consultation Package   -  £300  ( 2.5 hours)

Makeup lesson, Colour Consultation &  Body Shape Analysis   -  £350  ( 3 hours)

Virtual Makeup lesson &  Colour Consultation  -  £120  ( 1.5 hours)

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“ Ruth, I cannot believe how transformed I feel following our colour session. 

I finally feel confident when buying clothes and now know what makeup colours actually suit me (only took 40 years!) I recently went to a wedding and had so many compliments on how well I looked, I can’t wait for our styling session in a few weeks time’’



Having trained as a makeup artist over 10 years ago, I have become obsessed with colour and the effect it can have on how we look and feel. Colour is SO powerful; when we know what colours suit us best, we will look healthier, brighter, our eyes will pop, shadows and dark lines will reduce, it will bring our natural features to life and it really can take years off us!

From foundation, eyeshadow & lipstick, down to the clothes you wear, we cover everything, so that you leave feeling empowered and confident in the knowledge that you know exactly what looks best on you. It is vital to me that you wear colours that reflect your personality & that you feel confident in. I really want to get to know you, so that together, we can find the colours that represent your nature, so that you not only look amazing but feel like your true authentic self.

Following our colour consultation you will be able to shop with ease, confident in the knowledge that you will be able to find the right makeup that suits your undertone and colouring. Clothes that bring your features to life and ultimately it makes shopping and dressing everyday so much simpler and fun, saving you both time and money.

Colour Analysis

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